Artistic Direction:


Riccardo Guratti (IT-NL) was born in Cori under the influence of the Moon in Venus. At 10, while walking in the forest, he meets a group of unicorns and decides to study theater to get closer, as close as possible, to beauty and a sense of community. At 17 he meets a black lioness and a red praying mantis and both, with the patience and the belief of a Kungfu master, introduce him into the world of movement, giving him the opportunity to grow and open his creative horizons beyond formal aspects. He studies then at the National Dance Academy in Rome, where between the Colosseum and the chemtrails, he understands that dance and choreography coincide with his life. He moves to Palermo, Berlin and Amsterdam following the migration of geese, reaching the SNDO School for new dance development. Since 2010 he creates his own works, varied in the forms as much as the people he meets and the places he lives in. Riccardo believes that the body conceals secret and otherworldly symbols and he is practicing this belief by working with the choreographer Matej Keizar. Since 2016 he directs, together with Davide De Lillis and Eleonora Morza, the Cala Festival because he firmly believes that the north, today more than ever, has to migrate to the south just like the geese. 

davDavide De Lillis  (IT\DE) comes from a faraway world. Following the sounds of pre-Roman rites, he arrives in Cori. He learns, from a group of knights, to tell and dance the lives of heroes who made of empathy and vulnerability their strength. He is flown by the impetuous winds of a hurricane to Palermo, where he works as an apprentice in the workshop of a Shaman and a Fisherman. He becomes a young artist and, aboard a paper boat, sails for adventures in unknown lands. He arrives in Berlin, where he starts a fellowship with a group of 77 stolen fish. Together, they create living paintings and board games, which are shown in several festivals and theaters in Europe. In the garden of a fools’ community he encounters a Bear. They join their strengths and become a clumsy beast with two heads. Beings of all kinds and from all over the world gather in schools, theaters and galleries to play with the strange creature. Floating on the sound of the wind, Davide arrives at the University of Lincoln (UK). There he learns from fawns, hamsters, sharks, panthers, veterinarians, lawyers and housewives. He receives, from the Queen, his Masters in Live Art. In the sky over Berlin, there is a Star with which he often communicates. Their conversations, made of strange sounds, dances and riddles, are exhibited in museums and festivals across Europe. Together with a Soul and a Unicorn, Davide cultivates the CALA Festival: the garden of his dreams.

Production Director

eleEleonora Morza (IT) was born on the day in which Ate, in Greece, mixed happiness and sadness. The sky was busy shading the whites and the blacks, the calendar with his equinoxes, and there was a seasonal summit between Violin Keys and Bass Keys. It was a weekday, the public transport passing every twenty minutes and from there a series of stops: at the University of Perugia she graduates in “Conservation of Cultural Heritage”, then attends the Master “Eco-friendly Local Development Manager” – at ” La Sapienza “University of Rome. She publishes the results of her research in “Local Development Policies” – Carocci Editore. For a decade she invests her energies in the area where she lives, working actively with local institutions and associations. She finds herself in a tale of chivalry, where some sing ancient deeds and others live by the sword. She retreats in an Augustinian convent and then to the Garden of Ninfa. Forced to flee from there too, she asks for directions to the River Trout that invites her to follow the road to Teameia. Only later, Calvino will reveal to her that the city of Teameia is actually invisible. From that moment on, everything becomes an adventure: the Cospe di Firenze and the ISPI of Milan push her into the Mediterranean on board of the Amnesty International, sailing with the winds of Africa, before the deserts of the Sahara. She meets Pi with Hyena, Orango and Zebra: from them, she receives the honorary citizenship from All The Other Worlds. And it is in the space between the Real World and All The Other Worlds, that CALA rises: a glowing liberating intent, which Eleonora picks up in one of the travels in between, on a warm evening, while staring at a Star wearing a pajamas covered in Unicorns.



Elisa Trifelli


Roberta Trifelli


Emanuela Di Giorgi


Francesco Cupiccia

Volunteers and supporters:

Giuseppe Guratti, Pia Maria Ciuffa, Luisa Santucci, Emanuele Bencivenga, Loretta della Vecchia, Raffaella Sneider, Martino Antocchi, Francesco Maria Ciotti, Quirino Alessi, Leo Fiorini, Giorgio Chiominto, Barbara Troianiello, Pacifico De Lillis.