CALA 2016

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Thursday 28 July

1/7 – by and with Aleksandra Lemm

This work is based on nearly two years of artistic research about the conditions needed/required for a dancer/performer to give up her own authority, and let go of control. The practice requires high concentration skills. The performer/dancer position herself behind what she is doing allowing invisible Forces to manifest in Time and Space.

Rhizophora – by Davide De Lillis, Julia Metzger-Traber and the Seeds of PossAbility (film -16 min.)

It has been forty years since the Vietnam War. Yet, its toxic remnants are not fading. In a place called The Friendship Village outside Hanoi, live one hundred young people with disabilities they inherited from their parents’ and grandparents’ exposure to Agent Orange in the 1960s. In this Video-poem eleven of the village’s residents lead us through the whimsical experience of a day in their lives. We are welcomed ever deeper into their richly symbiotic world as the day progresses.

TAMAGO – by and with Jija Sohn

Tamago (egg) is a delicate and fearsome solo by Jija Sohn. It takes the audience on a multilayered journey between the real and the virtual. Performed over thirty minutes the solo is a roller coaster, a fight and a lullaby.

Friday 29 July

Cosmodifyme – by and with Paula Chaves

Cosmodifyme is the encounter of two seemingly antagonist worlds in one space. The attempt of a young Latin American artist to let both of her heritages and identities co-exist: her Colombian and her European one. Physical, visual & rhetorical elements of these two worlds clash in a space where they can finally stop being the antagonists of each other, where they attempt to become cohabitants, fellows, partners in crime & finally merge as nuances of one single and diverse bigger spectrum.

Back – by and with Riccardo Guratti, in collaboration with Aleksandra Lemm

Back is a potential place where time, space and body are in constant process of becoming. The performers investigate and question one of the most fundamental and universal bodily act: walking. By withdrawing from the need for doing and producing, they offer space for the body to express itself in it’s pure essence. Walking becomes a dance, a time lapse experience towards the unknown.

From July 25th till August 3rd

CollaborActions – One-to-One experiences by Davide De Lillis

The CollaborActions are experiences created and enacted privately between a “performer” and a “spectator”. The two  CollaborActors work together to establish roles to play and actions to perform during the experience itself. Their creativity determines both the nature and the final result of each CollaborAction. What is possible within such a frame? How to make decisions together? What to allow for? What not? How vulnerable is one willing to make him/herself?